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Welcome, TUTOR ALADDIN provides in-person and on-line tutoring and mentoring services. We know that learning knowledge and gaining new skills is your way to a bright future whatever your career. Our team members like teaching as a profession and as a hobby as well. Our greatest moments come when the student absorbs the concept like a sponge, and then applies it in reality. It is time to get an A+ tutoring services with high quality, because you deserve it.
Proven Success: 90%
grade improvement;
75% higher test scores
Customized Learning 
Different Students 
Require Different
Approaches to Learning
Top College Entrance
Exam Prep
Educational Resources

"Tutor Aladdin helped me in Math, and I am gonna ask him again when the 4th quadmester starts. I recommend Aladdin to everyone who wants high grades."

"Tutor Aladdin is a great tutor. I took Advanced Functions Grade 12 with him last year. He makes concepts so clear. He gives home work and follows with regular reviews and tests."   

— Dina from Scarborough, ON

"Absolutely fantastic ! Definitely would recommend to anyone!."

— Olivia from Victoria, BC

"I am in grade 4 TDSB, he is helpful and good tutor at math."

— Malak from Toronto, ON

— Hagar from Scarborough, ON

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